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   Florida Class Locations

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Kathy Bee
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For Direct Calls to Kathy:
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Classes are now being offered to create

your own stained- glass lamps!

Class Includes:

Everything you need to create your own, unique lamp

 Invite friends to join!

Adult Beverages OK

You will walk away with your own lamp having your specific color choices, verbiage and charm to accent your handmade beautiful piece of artistic light.


Approx. 3 hrs

Call Kathy 407 694 9052

To Schedule


9110 Hwy 42 

Fish Creek, WI

(Settlement Shops)

Memorial Day- Mid October


Winter Gartden, Florida

Mid October - Late May

                       LAMP IDEAS


            Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary

                   Names, Date, Personal Quote

                       Colors of Choice

                      Wedding Rings Charm


                       Diamond Topper


 Symbolizes the light two people share together. An additional string of lights included in the purchase. When the light eventually goes out in the lamp ( 1-2 years, depending on use), the couple can restring the lamp together to rekindle the light in there relationship. This is also a great time to discuss what keeps their light within going for their relationship.

Company Logo/ Realtor Closing Gift

What better gift to give someone than a beautiful light that has their company logo on to keep in their office? It's the perfect gift to let someone know that you took the time to have something made unique and special to them. 

On a house closing, the customer will love a beautiful lamp for a housewarming gift. You choose the colors and any details you think will appeal to the customers. Your business info can be included on the lamp. When people admire their lamp, they will also see your name.

A key makes a beautiful charm on these lamps.


Keepsake/ Souvenir

When you visit a location that you want to keep alive in your memories, I can make you a special lamp that is a one of a kind, unique item. No two lamps are alike and it won't be a mass produced item often found in tourist areas.


Unique Decanters/ Glass

Vintage decanters that have been sitting around looking for a purpose  just found one. They make such unique lights and all one of a kind. I can use a decanter you already have or find one for you in my inventory. 

Custom designed with your choice of colors, quotes, bling!

$59.00- UP

Give me a call or 

send a text (407) 694-9052

 I Also Mail!

             Email: [email protected] 

                                  What Some Customers Have Said:
" I wanted you to know how much my mother has enjoyed her lamp you made. She has to go to the hospital for a few days and will only go if she can bring her lamp, Thanks!"  Kenny T.
" My husband and I enjoyed meeting you and LOVE our lamp. It is our favorite decoration in our new house. Everyone who comes over notices it and loves it." Francine L.

"No words can explain how much I love my lamp. Yes, I bought it for my friend but I have to keep it. Can you make another one for her? I can't part with the one I bought." Sandra R. 

Your class was so much fun! I had no idea I was able to create such a beautiful piece of art." Julie M.

My friends and I can't thank you enough. You made the class so much fun and we had so much fun laughing." Debbie R.

I truly LOVE my customers! Thanks for the kind words 

and inspiration to keep creating beauty in the world.

( Visit Gallery Page for Many More Pictures ) 

    Logo Lamp

This lamp was made for a restaurant to display in their window. It adds

beautiful ambience and

reinforces their business name at the same time.

Just for Fun & Inspiration

This is a sample of an inspired lamp that found just the right recipient. The customer uses the light in her meditation area and finds peace from the light and message.

Using a Vintage Decanter

Vintage glass often sits in cabinets gathering dust. Lighting the decanter turns it into a truly stunning family keepsake that all can enjoy. Decanters sometimes look best with no additional color. You may choose to just have your decanter drilled and lit for a naturally beautiful glow. 

Wedding or Anniversary

A personalized wedding or anniversary lamp with the couple's name

 and date makes a one of a kind gift that will never be forgotten. Custom quotes and colors.

As a Special
"Thank You"

Even Jack Black has a Soul Journey Designs lamp! I custom designed one for him with quotes and designs that were unique to him. A friend of his ordered it and surprised him with it for his birthday.